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My family was fortunate to have Bradley Newman as our attorney to facilitate the process of setting up a Special Needs Trust for our sister. We appreciated the quality of professionalism, thoroughness and compassion exhibited by Mr. Newman in guiding us and completing this process. I highly recommend his services.
— R. DeLaine
I met Mr. Brad Newman around 2012. I was searching for an honest, caring and a person of integrity. I found all of that in Mr. Brad Newman. The moment I met him, I knew I had found the right attorney. He was personable, friendly and easy to talk to. My experience with my attorney before Mr. Newman wasn’t that good, so I was really pleased and felt confident that Mr. Newman would be a help to me. It is now 2015 and I still feel the same and can honestly say Mr. Brad Newman is a credit to this company and profession.
— Ms. Constance Johnson
My family and I want to thank Bradley Newman for the outstanding work he did on my mother’s behalf during the final months of her life. Your guidance helped my family navigate the complex legal, financial and emotional obstacles with your knowledge, professionalism, patience and compassion. Your work with our family made all the difference! I would highly recommend Mr. Newman as an attorney and as an excellent resource for elder law issues.
— Donna M.
I engaged the services of Bradley Newman in 2012 to assist me in freeing my closest friend, who was improperly imprisoned in a mental institution in New Jersey. His condition was a fatal physical neurological syndrome which has behavioral manifestations. Mr. Newman quickly freed my friend, who was transferred to a proper care facility. He died about a year later, and Mr. Newman handled the estate efficiently, keeping me (the executor) thoroughly informed throughout the process. His level of care was much more than I would expect from an attorney simply performing his legal profession, and I would highly recommend Mr. Newman for any client who needs help with matters such as those he helped me with.
— Anonymous
You have been there for me every step of a daunting and difficult process, protecting my interests to the best of your ability against what I see as intense legal opposition.
— John
In 2013 with representation of legal counsel by Brad Newman, I was awarded Plenary Guardianship of my son who was adjudged a totally incapacitated person by the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia Orphans’ Court Division. During my tenure of Guardianship, the professionalism, compassion and unwavering support in all aspects of their practice in providing assistance for the betterment in the areas of financial, health and well being for my son, including ensuring my stability in carrying out my guardianship, and improving my son’s life under extremely difficult circumstances, was exemplary.

I consider all at the Office of Bradley Newman totally dedicated to their mission, a credit to their profession and hold them in high esteem and I sincerely thank them, especially Brad, and recommend them without reservation.
— Gina, 2015
Brad provided me services regarding my Aunt’s guardianship and Medicaid planning. He kept me informed throughout the process. He is knowledgeable, compassionate and efficient. I have referred others to his office and will continue to do so if the need arises.
— Alan
My mother has dementia and some grandchildren were taking advantage of her. I talked with several firms regarding my options and Brad was the most responsive and helpful from the start. My brother and I engaged them to set up a guardianship. Having a parent with dementia is a difficult situation but everything went smoothly. Since then I’ve called Brad a couple of times with questions and have been quite satisfied with the quick and helpful responses.
— Eileen
My siblings and I found him when my dad passed away without a will. Bradley Newman advised us of all the details that needed to be completed to settle his estate. From determining the heirs, filing and paying taxes, setting up a bank account and paying any outstanding bills. His guidance was very helpful, so we enlisted his aid in creating a Living Will, Power of Attorney and Last Will and Testament for my sick elderly sister. I would definitely recommend him to others. In fact, I have recently enlisted his aid in probating my sister’s will and settling her small estate.
— Mary E. Lutz